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Have you been trying to get in shape your whole life?

Are you unhappy about your body?

Do you blame your metabolism?

My friend, it’s time for a wake up call. Here’s some truth serum for ya:

No matter how many miles you spend on the treadmill… YOU CANNOT ‘OUT RUN’ YOUR MOUTH. In other words: trying to lose weight by exercise alone will inevitably FAIL for one simple reason:

Drum roll please…

Calories Burned = Appetite Gained.

No level of activity will make up for an over reactive drive to eat.

Think about every damn time you heard to “eat less and work more”. Are you mad? Confused? You should be.

The industry is constantly trying to sell you magic pills, instant abs, and “fat free” coffee creamer.

They don’t work (often by design) and the result is you are slowly turning into a promising SUMO!

I am a Certified Ottawa Personal Trainer, and I am disillusioned with the fitness industry. In fact, I think the industry is INSANE!

I combine the scientific method of the 4 Hour Body with my attention and frequent measurements to achieve results faster than any other trainer in Ottawa

I stand by that claim and if you are not satisfied with the results that we produce then you get 110% of your money back. I am not kidding!

Combine my expertise with the principles of The 4 Hour Body and you will feel like a new person!

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Do you want to…

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  • Regain the buoyant flexibility of your youth

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