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How To Burn Calories With Pool Noodles (Or How Not To Burn Calories With A Stair Master)

Burning Calories With The Stair Master Is Utterly Vain

When you consider the calories that you burn with your basal metabolic rate (BMR) during the time that you are exercising on the Stair Master it turns out you are wasting your time.  If you subtract the number of calories you would have burned sitting on your butt watching two episodes of The Simpsons you are burning VERY few calories in your workout.

How many calories are burned in an average marathon? 2600.

Consider that 3500 calories equals a pound of fat, and you’ll feel a sensation in your body called hopelessness and rage. Confused? Angry? You should be.

Burning calories with hot sweaty workouts seems like a lost cause. That’s only because I know a better way! Listen, it’s easier, more effective, and Dare-I-Say-It a total natural high to get in a cold shower!

I once did a blog post on my 10 minute ice bath experiment where I talked about the science and experiments of Ray Cronaise.

Since then, I’ve been having cold showers almost every day for 6 months! I admit that is it a challenge to initially get in, but stick with it and you will adapt. Now I laugh in the face of cold lakes! By learning to take the cold exposure on a daily basis you will burn fat far more efficiently than chaffing your ass on an exercise bike. Also your fear of cold lakes will never again stop your enjoyment of a cottage vacation!

My step brother and I having a wicked noodle fight in Quebec

My Wacky Business Idea Involves An Unheated Pool and Noodle Games

At the Can Fit Pro fitness conference August 15, 2012 there is going to be a session called “Using Your Noodle: Games, Games, and More Games.” It sounds out of place considering most other sessions are “XTREME”, military grade and fat terminating products.

So get this: we get a decent sized unheated pool for games only, so noodle javelin throwing, handball, volleyball, basketball, tag-whatever. It won’t be easy to get in, but by thermally loading our bodies, our core temperature will drop will incur shivering. Calories will burn, fatty acids will be released into the blood stream, and the aforementioned BAT will activate! Score!

These two things alone burn TONS of calories and also change the hormonal balance of the body.

  • Adiponectin will be increased, an incredible fat burning hormone that Tim Ferriss says in his book The Four Hour Body we will hear more about in the future.
  • Testosterone will ALSO increase.

This is some seriously potent stuff and all we need to do it turn on the fun!

Imagine, 20 minutes of playing in the pool and burn more fat off your body than a “kick-ass” hour long session on the Stair Master.

Call me crazy but seriously folks, but let’s get smart about fat loss.

The Only Leg Strength Exercise You’ll Ever Need: The One Leg Squat AKA Pistol

If It’s good enough to be favoured by the Russian Special Forces, then it’s good enough for you tough guy.

The One Leg Squat also known as the Pistol is a leg strength exercise that can be adapted to absolutely any skill level. A one rep max freak will get some serious benefits by practicing this exercise, but my 76 year old dad has no problem with the easier variation either.

I think the first time I tried to do a pistol I must have been 19. I rowed full-time competitive at the Ottawa Rowing Club often training 10 times a week. I was also no stranger to barbells squats because I was doing 225lb for reps once a week. But i was in for a shock, looking down at the Men’s Health magazine I saw the model at the bottom of the one leg squat squat and I thought, sure no problem, I can do that!


First of all just the act of extending my knee of my off knee gave me a painful sensation, and when I went down for my first rep… Well, I actually WENT DOWN and fell over. I never tried them again.

Until I watched The Naked Warrior DVD (link here). Pavel Tsatsouline is a former Soviet Special Forces physical training instructor, currently a subject matter expert to the US Navy SEALs and the US Secret Service. He taught me that strength is a skill. He also taught that bodyweight feats like this require practice not workouts often lasting less than 5 minutes. Suffice it to say, after following his advice I have developed some serious strength.



Despite not doing barbell squats for 12 months+. Last week I hit my friends basement gym. I’m officially a ass-to-heels 300lb squater. And its all thanks to the only leg strength exercise anyone will ever need: The One Leg Squat AKA Pistol.


Ten Questions To Ask Your Personal Trainer (Or How To Know When You Are Being Ripped Off)

Ten Questions To Ask Your Personal Trainer (Or How To Know When You Are Being Ripped Off)

I am a highly motivated person… sometimes…

But I can’t for the life of me stick to a new program or even write it down and track my results! I just can’t be bothered!

Would it help me stay focused and motivated? Yes.

Would it show whether my program was effective? HELL yes.

So why don’t I do it? Like I said, I can’t be bothered… and neither can you… am I right?

That is why we have personal trainers. A PT makes your workout an appointment rather than a random occurrence based on your mood. A PT tracks your data, so you don’t have to! A PT does your research for you, so you know your getting the most time and energy efficient workouts to get you to your goals. So without further adieu, let me introduce you to my top 10 questions to ask your new PT:


  1. What metrics do you track?

  2. What is your favorite certification and why?

  3. What is the difference between strength and stability?

  4. What is your favorite sport and why?

  5. Are you going to be around for the long haul?

  6. Do you take any supplements and why?

  7. How can I improve my working conditions?

  8. Do you work for any supplement companies?

  9. What does “functional” mean?

  10. How confidential is our relationship?


I hope you give these questions some thought because good questions are very revealing. You also get to know your personal trainer, which is critical for making a great partnership

Are you thinking of taking CAN FIT PRO Certification?

I finished my CAN FIT PRO course this past weekend. I was pretty disappointed. I guess I was expecting to see more instruction on how to work with clients. 
Things like:
  • Frequently asked questions from clients
  • Common barriers to success
  • How to collect feed back from clients
  • How to recognize signs of boredom
  • Scripts for rapport building with a new client
Instead I got tired lectures about anatomy and “bio energetics”. 
Whatever. I’m really fed up with the focus on latin words and muscle insertions. 
Our instructor was not a scientist he was a trainer/life coach. His expertise was on customer service not science. We spent 24 and half hours reading anatomy and physiology off of a projection screen all the while everything we needed to know was already in the text book or on the web.
But I guess that’s the state of education everywhere these days.
The CAN FIT course should have been an opportunity to really learn what being a great personal trainer is all about. 
It should have been an opportunity to network and exchange business ideas with other personal trainers. 

The Fattening Of The Hambeast

The American Food and Drug Administration states that sugar is generally regarded as safe and can be used in unlimited quantities. I regard the FDA as utterly useless.

Enter The Hambeast
The average American consumes 12 teaspoons of sugar everyday, and national sugar consumption has increased 300% in 30 years. Sugar is sneaking into our foods, and UCSF scientists say that “Its sugar not obesity that is the real health threat”.
Like a bad oil spill, sugar is getting in everything. Breads, cereals processed foods are all containing higher and higher levels of sugar. Sugar appears on labels as sucrose, glucose, fructose, maltose, hydrolysed starch, invert sugar, corn syrup and honey.
The FDA be damned- I hereby declare these foods as candy. These foods are fattening hell and contributing to epidemic levels of chronic diseases like diabetes, and we are all paying healthcare bill while the FDA allows food companies to add more and more sugar.
We are turning into a generation of Hambeasts with expensive medical care. Our whole generation will have the battle of our lives to try and kick this sugar addiction.
We need a public policy against processed foods for their cost to our medical care. It should be taxed heavily to make up for the overwhelming burden on health care costs since it is primarily responsible for a whole range of chronic diseases which are reaching epidemic levels.
Sugar is toxic, addictive and should be age restricted.
It’s not just a question of personal responsibility. It is addictive and children physically cannot resist it.

The Vanity Of Working Out In A Gym

A thought that often comes up is whether machines and weights have done mankind more harm than good. I think this because I remember so many times in my life when I wanted to “workout”, but I simply didn’t have gym access.
 In fact that was not the real barrier.
The real barrier was the misconception of gym access being integral with my fitness. I really believed that my fitness was measured in barbell exercises and erg scores, but in fact that was just another invalidated belief system
I missed out on a lot of opportunity because of that misconception. As a coach I also missed out on a lot of opportunity for my athletes by limiting our strength sessions to the gym, and opting for cardio when we didn’t have gym access. As if that is a valid excuse! If I had a time machine I would be kicking my ass!
The reality is that strength is a skill and it requires practice every day.

No, It doesn’t require a 2 hour slog in the gym it requires tens of minutes of high resistance body weight exercises. You simply would not believe how effective they are! Resistance means so much more than the weight on a barbell.

There are SIMPLE body weight exercises that still produce more resistance than any machine or activity limited to the gym.

one-arm push up
one-arm one-leg pushup
one leg squat (or pistols)
one arm chin ups
Just to name a few!
Chaffing you ass on an exercise bike is also in vain because losing fat it is as simple as taking a cold shower.
If I only knew that it was this simple 5 years ago!


If there were no way of failing
If you were 10X smarter than anyone else in the world
What would you do?
What would you be?
What would you have?

In 6 months

In 12 months.

Here’s my 6mo dream line:


  1. build a successful muse business generating $1000/mo in profits via website


  1. A personal trainer based in Victoria with 10 clients training them all 3hrs a week for a total for 30 hrs a week


  1. Organic food delivered to my house. ($100/wk)
  2. RKC diploma ($2000)
  3. A personal Set of Kettlebells ($300)
My 12mo dream line:
  1. Move to a neighbourhood that is quieter and has less road traffic ($600 /mo)
  2. Travel to Europe, Australia and India ($4000)
  3. See my Niece ($500)
  1. Enroll in Camosun College for Diploma of Wellness and Health ($2500/semester)

  1. An electric car ($30 000)
  2. A snowboard (1 000)
PS This is my rough draft 🙂

Personal Trainers should make it to the first page

Starting a personal blog is a lot of work.
Making content and industry subject matter a defining website that has your name on it is trying at best.
One thing cannot define me and it cannot define you, but when you know that you love the nature of the content you are posting then starting a blog is a great idea.
Learning to produce content is a pleasure like working out and seeing progress, and so it learning to start a website.
Starting a blog is a good career move because clients who want a body transformation start their search with google. Im a PT in Victoria and my client’s will google “Victoria Personal Trainer“.
If your a personal trainer in a specific area, then consider clients who start their search with google. I hope you are on the first page.

Content, page views and keywords can get you to the top of google organic searches. There’s no way to cheat… Your going to have to start your blog. No better time than today!

Take for example: 
Aqil from In one year he has climbed to the top of an industry and is getting exclusive interviews with industry leaders in the fitness and modelling world. Was it easy? Hell no, but I bet it was fun!

Want some advice? Want to talk about training or goals? Gimme a call guy!

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10 Minute Ice Bath

During my bike trip from Ottawa to Vancouver one of my favorite things for recuperating was to jump into a cold mountain lake on my way through the interior of British Columbia. While it was hard to get in sometimes, it paid off that day or the next day in a great feeling of suppleness.
Maybe you heard during the coverage of the 2008 Olympic Games that Michael Phelps eats 12 000 calories a day. I did.
I heard it again, but this time in Tim Ferriss’s book The 4-Hour Body. Apparently the reason swimmers are such voracious eaters is due to the fact that calories are burned far faster when one is submerged in water. The energy required to keep the body warm in enormous, cold water submersion also interacts with your physiology. It has a higher thermal load than air.
We have two types of fat, they are called white adipose tissue (WAT) and brown adipose tissue (BAT).
The function of WAT is for efficient storage of energy and insulation of organs. The BAT is different because it specializes in producing heat by burning fat and glucose. For the purposes of losing fat, we are interested in BAT. (Hey that rhymes!)
Tim Ferris suggests that one can double or triple the rate of weight loss by subjecting themselves to an intense 20 minute ice bath. Less dramatic methods include ice pack to the upper back or 10 minute showers. All just three times a week
Here are some anecdotes from that chapter of the The Four Hour Body
-Cold exposure releases fatty acids that fuels shivering
-Shivering activates GLUT-4 receptors of muscles and increases recovery rates
-Cold exposure can increase protein hormone, adiponectin, and glucose uptake from cells even long after exposure ends
-Effective treatment for depression
-Increased levels of norepinephrine account for immunostimulating effects
The founder of this method, Ray Cronise, maintains a website called Hypothermics. An amazing resource.
Update: It’s been a while since I’ve done a cold dunk in the bath, but the article inspired me to jump in the tub again with 5kg of ice. Enjoy!
Want some advice? Want to talk about training or goals? Gimme a call guy!

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