About Certified Ottawa Personal Trainer Camron Sabour

Let’s be clear about one thing: I don’t have “clients”, I have “students”. Students that I teach are open minded and willing to learn facts, principles and techniques and unlearn myths, fallacies and self-limiting beliefs.

How we spend our time and what we experience in our lives ultimately defines who we are.

When I was cycling, it seemed like tens of people were asking me every day… “Why?” and to tell you the truth… I didn’t really know WHY, but I knew that I wanted to do it and that was enough of a reason for me.

My name is Camron Sabour I’m a personal fitness trainer in Ottawa, ON. In 2011 I cycled from Ottawa to Vancouver in search of the best city in Canada. When I got there I decided that Ottawa was it.

My hopes and dreams revolve around making a difference in people’s lives.

I want to be a source of positive change. Enough has already been said about “what one man” can accomplish. I believe that unrealistic goals, long term partnerships, teamwork and compassion are more fruitful endeavours.

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