How To Make Your Weight Loss Resolution An Inevitability

Weight Loss Resolution Eat More Eggs

Millions of Canadians salute the New Year with bright outlooks and ambitious weight loss resolutions. It is an empowering time, but have you ever noticed that the enthusiasm is short lived? This is my personal appeal to you: be smart and avoid the known failure points of weight loss. This post is a call to action for you to make your weight loss goal inevitable and how to plan your strategy.

  • Plan A Significant Goal For 30 Days

Starting your weight loss goal is like declaring a WAR. The best war is short and sweet. Here’s the thing: Your body and mind has been designed to conserve fat for survival. For Canadians in the 21st century that is irrelevant – your instincts are working against you. In order to counter act your instincts, you must make a heroic effort. You must plan your battles for decisives victories. You must avoid the known failure points.

(As a side note: If you’ve been on a diet for years, then you are fighting a lost cause. The “war” is a disaster and you should pull your troops home sooner rather than later.)

  • Choose An “Anti Charity” Then Pledge Money That You Will Succeed

I recently had a consultation with my old high school teacher. His goal was weight loss and after discussing the specifics and timeframe I asked him “What is your least favourite charity“. When he told me it was the Conservative Party Of Canada, I told him “Right, then you’d better reach your goal otherwise $100 of your money is going into Harper’s pocket”. When I told him that, I saw fire in his eyes. I pressed an emotional button and the response was pure motivation. Within 2 weeks he had lost 10 lbs of fat and was continuing his weight loss with a vengeance. He was getting stronger too.

  • Don’t Buy Any Memberships

The most fatal flaw most people make when starting their weight loss goal is to be distracted by the gym. The saying goes ” Ounces are lost at the gym, but pounds are lost in the kitchen.” Your strategy to win  The War Of Weight Loss should be completely and totally directed to the most important battle: Diet.

 (As a side note: When I was a personal trainer at Good Life Fitness I was frustrated to see members walk on the treadmill with their hands on bar watching Oprah. This behaviour is called “zoning out”, and it achieves nothing for fat loss.)

  • Cook Delicious And Nutritious Recipes And Eat Them Over And Over And Over

The recent book “The Four Hour Chef” Is worth its weight in gold. It is also a BRICK with over 630 full colour pages. Do not let that put you of getting it, because the recipes are simpler than any other I have ever read. They are also unbelievably delicious and optimized for rapid weight loss.

I am going to be very blunt: Buy This Book. It will change your life

The 4-Hour Chef: The Simple Path to Cooking Like a Pro, Learning Anything, and Living the Good Life